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About Universal Criminal

The year is 2069.........

The universe is your playground but it's full of dangerous planets. Criminals seem to run everything and it's your job to survive and become the most powerful player in the game. You need to choose a path, a path of violence or a path of righteousness. Train yourself to become powerful and take the universe by storm or protect the weak and innocent. Seek out new planets, buy yourself insane weapons of destruction and armor to protect yourself.

Join a federation, or better yet, create one yourself that your friends can join and start a war that people will remember for years to come. Universal Criminal will take you to places you have never been.

Are you ready? Think you have what it takes to rule the universe? Log in to start playing now or click on the enlist link above if you're new to the game and you're ready to take on the universe!

Universal Criminal is FREE to play and there are no downloads.

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There are currently 82 Universal Criminal players, 70 males and 12 females.